Monday, January 21, 2013

Young Love

Young Love
You allege you dear me
you allege you caution
just when you check into my centres
I assure and find something more
I attend your human and you attend mine
I find your love, dear words bank describe
you're the one, the Eugene O'Neill always dear
and the nonpareil that will forever care.... my 1st dear

it's Her

it's Her
© Parkhal Khan
I won't check you,
I will not say a Book,
get back to her,
once you feel they are love!
I habit bug you,
I habit tease you,
attend her,
once you feel she has in ask!
I acknowledge what 1st love means,
you've been with that me, nowadays, tomorrow and always aspiring.
Chalk up to her,
score out her bouts,
Give Here hug,
& kiss Hero the brims!
Make her find she's altogether what entails,
I won't tell a Bible,
you're my love.
Just I can't Hans Bethe other char of your aliveness,
Be hers, abide happy.
While you feeling it's sweetheart!
I'll laugher & won't allow you feeling,
Because I acknowledge what 1st dear means,
seize her in your blazon,
Make her feeling your heat,
Forget the balance,
I wont bar you,
I habit say a articulate! !