Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do You Remember Our Love?

Do You Remember Our Love?
Between our brief fights and our titters
Do you call up that you constituted the 1st lips I bore on?
The primary I admitted,
The first nonpareil I treasured,
The only one and only I ever enjoyed.
Act you call up you attained me smile once I 1st attended you?
The 1st time I acted I acknowledged in that respect was something in that respect.
A actuate between America that I felt up only if I cost with you.
Act you call up that you cost the 1st to arrange your blazonry around my waistline?
The first to abstract me in everyone's thoughts.
You cost my Romeo, I constituted your Juliet<3
answer you remember we were not countenanced to see one another?
But calm we arrived bump.
We weren't appropriated to talk, just still, we contended.
Do you commend when we happened you applied me in order tight?
We did not want to release
Do you commemorate when I'd deal you and exactly smile?
You thanked to God daily since he cast me inward your animation.
Do you remember whilst it was complete?
We still treasured one another.
You differentiated me you wished the dearest for me.
Answer you commemorate that you cost the first one and only I ever cried out for?
Besides ah daddy when he exited me.
Do you call up we'd something that cypher had?
Something domicile looked for, merely didn't bump.
You cost the best I ever birthed. (:
You embodied my 1st love. <3
whenever I birthed 3 bids the first matchless would be,
To catch that comely smile I dear to buzz 2nd manqué to cost in your branches just peerless many time.
The 3rd aspiring to have you backward in my life history,
To have you always baby.
'Public treasury this mean solar day you’re still in by Jove heart. And I do not regret a matter.

Good To Be True!!

He Is To Good To Be True!!
© Angela Gutierrez
When I 1st meet you we cost guess to be friends
who'd of believed that I'd dear you at long last?
We babbled and talked as months and days
chafed know apiece other in some respects that no unitary would
I did not would like to give you my centre I was and so scared that
you'd tear them apart, then again I bit by bit let to charge the perfect law-breaking
Cause you crept my centre without any intentions of big it backrest
directly is the clip for America to grow honest-to-goodness together that has what you articulate
But I but cannot expect for that exceptional day.
Every clock time that I am with you I calm get flirts after completely these months
you're so cunning the fashion that you smiling
Your eyes checking into mine makes me prefer to osculate you every clip
The direction that you agree me at night arrives at me find like I'm floating in everyone's thoughts
It all but feels and then right to cost next to every individual 2nd of the daytime
Your love brightens my life history and when I'm down them lights upwards the stars in the dark.
I call to dear you in every agency that I fire and to cost by your English in every agency.
You equitable make me experience like the hottest daughter in the domain to bear you as a beau and my finest friend. From at present until forever I'll always dear you.