Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hello every One- I Miss My Sweetheart Romantic Love Messages

Love letters 1
You average the world to me
Donk Earth is not for me
You are the other one-half of me
More half of the beautiful and the best of me
I love you dearer than me love
Meditation Blog
All the same hard I try
Without you it's hard to bear
Colored like a butterfly.
This is my life when I was there
You are the Apple of my heart
Invaluable and very expensive love you my darling

Meditation Blog
Barely sleeping these days
It has been days you saw last your beautiful face
Rarely of smiles these days
I've been away for difficult days
Just remember how in the last days
I love you inward more ways and more

Meditation Blog
Love letters 2
I know you beloved me
But I honey you more
I know that you need me
But I beggary more
Need to say more?
It is you who love

Time that we share together
Out of time
Beauty and sweetness you
No prize
The extent and the astuteness of our love
I love you still so I'll take your breath away