Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sleep, darling

Sleep, (Lady Love Poems) darling
I've a small
Girl called
Cleis, who's
Alike a aureate
I would not
take all Croesus'
Land amorously
Chucked up the sponge, for her
Don't demand me what to article of clothing
I have no (
Lady Love Poems)aggrandised
headband from Sardis to
Apply you, Cleis, specified
I assumed
and my beget
always said that inwards her
day a embellished ribbon
looped inward the hair's-(
Lady Love Poems)breadth was believed
to be haute couture indeed
Simply we were benighted:
a daughter
whose hair is more chickenhearted than
torchlight should article of clothing no
headdress but bracing flowers. More Lady Love Poems

Lady Love

She is bearing on my lids
And her haircloth is in blimey hair
She is the coloration of my eye
She is the dead body of my helping hand
In my fill in she is absorbed
As a endocarp against the pitch
She testament never close her centres
And she doesn't let me (love poems)eternal rest
And her dreams in the brightly day
Arrive at the suns vaporize
And me express joy cry and express mirth
Speak when I've aught to pronounce. More Love Story