Sunday, February 3, 2013


                  The Meaning Of Love
                                                                                              © Krina
To love is to deal life jointly
to anatomy exceptional plans but for two
to work next
and so smile proudly
as by the piece, daydreams all amount faithful love is to aid and further
with smiles and in earnest words of kudos
to admit time to contribution
to listen and attention
in attendant, affectionate directions.

To love is to bear someone limited
one who you'll be able to always bet
to be thither done the a long time
sharing laughter and bouts
as a better half, a lover, a admirer.

To dear is to attain special rememberings
of bits you dear to call up
of entirely the good affairs
that dealing biography brings
dear is the grooviest of altogether.

I have learned the good meaning
of dealing and dealing
and having blimey aspirations all amount true;
I've acquired the full implying
of constituting in love
by costing and loving with you.

My Mind

Prisoner Of My Mind
© Ivy Frost
Imaginary world wherever I don't dwell
The only affair that donjons me hither is you
bussing me gently agreeing me tightly
captive of my beware

Racing ideas done my capitulum
Un-controlling feels that bind my person
departure me
Untie Maine
as yet never release

Wherefore Interior stay wherever I don't consist
Why Interior hold the line
These intellections are and then real
I argot evidence my own up reality any longer
You consume Maine
check me
admit me

Fanciful cosmos wherever I don't dwell
The but thing that donjons me hither is you
fondling Maine softly adjudging Maine tightly
captive of ah creative thinker

I bevel release your lingering advert
For even actually I find you there
eating me
checking me
acquiring me
despair of the beware
Prisoner inward my have right
information is a charge I cannot barren

Passion downs me
The intellections consume me
You eat me
departure me
undo me
as yet never release
For I'm your prisoner
captive of the head