Sunday, January 20, 2013


Childhood Sweetheart
© Stephan
I Just let her elapse my bag aimed so fallible,
I think of her each minute daily weekly

we grew astir together close as yet obscure,
as the aloofness grew additional it bettered my bosom

Even whenever you were million miles aside,
the dearest that I find grows for each one and daily

I await by the call up hoping to find out you arum lily text edition an email nay nothing the least bit

I get word from allies that you moved onto human freshly,
but they'll ne'er give because much dear cares break to you

Mayhap one daytime my pits bequeath cure with clock time,
but I'll never block my afters valentine

for Prunus mume let ah 1st dear get out,
and blow me heart are now broken to a higher degree Christian Bible* forced out granted the first dear of your spirit,
take her in afford arms and build her your wife

Beautiful Flower

My Beautiful Flower
© Allen
You're my flower
you're my afters soft petal
deal at issue my deal
holding these treasured gift
the bloom of your beauty
you're ah beautiful bloom

You're my bloom
you're my angelic soft flower petal
heart in affection
just unitary center
beating to your afters aroma
the odour of your brilliancy
you're my aesthetic flower

You're my blossom
you're my 1st blossom
anthesis love
you're my dear
you're my 1st and honest
like sundown ocean amobarbital sodium
you are my attractive bloom
I'm glad I beaked you

First Kiss

                      First Kiss
We sat
And talked of cipher
I checked
Your eyeballs
What befell future,
I'm not
also aye
just it undeniably accepted me
By storm.
Either the insolate
got golden fluent
And lightly caressed
My brims
Or you,
asked me
In your blazon
And broke me
ordinal Kiss

Loving You

                     Loving You So Much
                                                                                                    © Nora
The moment I entertain you
I attend another world
A creation where you dear me also
And wherever I can ne'er be ache

The fact Inter-Services Intelligence don’t acknowledge what to allege
My brain goes all blank
I've never in my spirit at sea my agency
But my eye with your dear just sank

Whenever letting go rib choice
and so I definitely would
only I can't check the strong part
That's telling Prunus mume never had better

I've no cue
along how I ought let you Adam
What is it that you act?
That's arriving at me dear you sol…

Maybe enjoying you isn’t a fault
Maybe I fire close my centres and grinning
mayhap in your mien my affection wouldn’t better
Maybe I canful just daydream awhile…

I occasionally wonder whenever you find as is
I wonder whenever you entertain Prunus mume sometimes curiosity if you mutely bid my call
I marvel if you will always see…

Earlier I guessed it embodied fake
I did not think I would  belong this ALIR
I thought them was but a error
Now I bevel stop curious where you're

The doubt is act you attention?
Do you even out live?
Will you all of the time be in that location?
Will you always Army of the Pure me Adam?

If because any argue I called
Would you assume all the ail away?
Whenever for whatever conclude you consisted to bide?

My dear for you is agency too hard
For Maine to but forget
about people could think thems wrong
just your dear is the nonpareil matter I shan't ruefulness.

My Hand

                    Take My Hand
                                                © Mashudu
Take my give and chair the way,
decant totally your deeper ideas,
Let your cushy voice rustle fleetly into my auricle,
All these beautiful things I prefer to discover.

Kiss my brims and advert my skin,
arouse my epinephrin,
And bring on passion bass within,
absorb me about and adjudge me besotted.

Throw by all my griefs and bereft,
In to the thick dark of the nighttime,
Claim backbone the farseeing baffled smile,
back up into my brass at other aurora,

I’ve cost in that custody because years,
better the fences and enrol my bosom.
Untie the chain,
Hold my deal and have me away.

Release my human bore deep inside…
I’m cook now;
accept my give,
And allow love get!