Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sleep, darling

Sleep, (Lady Love Poems) darling
I've a small
Girl called
Cleis, who's
Alike a aureate
I would not
take all Croesus'
Land amorously
Chucked up the sponge, for her
Don't demand me what to article of clothing
I have no (
Lady Love Poems)aggrandised
headband from Sardis to
Apply you, Cleis, specified
I assumed
and my beget
always said that inwards her
day a embellished ribbon
looped inward the hair's-(
Lady Love Poems)breadth was believed
to be haute couture indeed
Simply we were benighted:
a daughter
whose hair is more chickenhearted than
torchlight should article of clothing no
headdress but bracing flowers. More Lady Love Poems

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