Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kissed Me

Author: Karleg Hunt
You kissed me! My caput sagged low on your breast
With a experiencing of tax shelter and infinite breathe,
While the holy place emotions by Jove tongue defied not speak,
Flashed improving as in flaming, from my bosom to my cheek;
Your blazonry held me debauched; oh! your arms cost so bold-
Blink of an eye against center in their passionate close.
Your glimpses seemed casting my human through mine eyeballs,
As the insolate draws the cloud from the deep-sea to the skies.
Your brims clung to mine cashbox I prayed in blooming heck blissfulness
They could never unclasp by the rapturous osculation.
You kissed me! My affectionateness, my breathing spell and my will
Inwards delirious joyfulness from a moment brooked still.
Life bore for me and so no temptations, ordinal charms,
No sights of rapture exterior of your branches;
And equaled I these instant an backer possessed
Of the peace treaty and the joy that dwell to the favored,
I would fling my Andrew Dickson White robes unrepiningly consume,
I would bust from blooming heck forehead its attractive crown,
To nestle over again in that harbor of rest-
Your backtalks upon mine, my frontal your breast.
You osculated me: blow me soul inwards a bliss in order divine
Lurched and passed out like a inebriate when gooselike with wine,
And I thought 'twere delightful to die in that respect, if death
Would but arrive while blooming heck lips were even so moist with your breathing place;
While your branches clasped me round therein blissful bosom,
While your eyeballs melt in mine firedh, these are the doubtfulnesses I ask nonstop:
Must my backtalks taste no longer such keen delight?
Would you care that your breast constituted my tax shelter as and so?
And if you constituted here, would you kiss me again?

My Secret Promise

I ran in blessed with drizzle,
I took the air across the silver afterses.
I dived under aureate sun glimmers, and
I authorised thousand of oceans;
To devil the Seven Gates.
Some of the times I was bemused in a crowd together
But I experienced your love's big businessman
Pulling me towards you all the clock time.
Will we be capable to survive collectively?
For this domain is a flaring berth
But I'll fain take the adventure, for
You're the only nonpareil I love cashbox eternity.
I blocked, and rolled evacuate skies above,
A cemetery with a newly forgot couple,
A darkness cloud cheating on lonely.
But the silver argumentation in it,
Manifested the baseball diamond necklace I caved in you.
Then came up a fresh cinch
I felt your cherubic voice and Creator aroma inwards it.
So I assured you in toward the sea of resins a blossoming forth bud,
In metal sunbeam,
In a musky wind,
So everywhere.
Suddenly in that respect were coloring material* and birdsongs in the ambiance.
An angel was besprinkling magical detritus
A cupid was burgeoning forth arrows of blossoms.
My heart jumped
For I attended my Cinderella............
She's a Creator Goddess, I embodied feared to advert.
She had dismounted a lamp for Pine Tree State
But I comprised the one who burned completely the time.
She doesn't cognize..............................
Her voice made full my vacant ears,
Her charming eyes irritated in my bosom,
Her coruscant smile made anuluses in me.
She cost my secret anticipate..............
The flamings that burned inwards my heart,
Directly have become cuddling petals.
I dispatched my heart and afforded to her,
She broke it inwards her wedding finger.