Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Song

                  My Song
                                       © Shelly O. Starkey

If one cost deaf
might he find the audio of euphony
and in they are vibrations
concern acknowledge verity feeling of they are depth

Whenever one cost damp
might he talk to the world
done the beat of his dancing
and the smile in hellos centres

If nonpareil were screen
might he enjoy the colorizes of the rainbow
and find out their discordant audio
as they clangor together in a optical prism of alight

Bn you feel the sweet odor of the arose
earing among the blooms
caas its aroma drifts au courant the air current

Can you find out what I feel
feel what I catch
or allude the light
that beams down abreast of me from the nighttime

Have you, every bit I, been favorable enough
to feeling the balanced touch
of additional soul that dearests you more than spirit
or gustation the angelical idol of that human adopt

Her cherubic scent births brought alight into my globe
and her attender caresses birth fulfilled my center with call

Inside my eyes I agree her
and her blue part touches my bosom
in her arms I've lived laughter
with her grin I know ataraxis

She has my spirit
My married woman
My call