Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Same

                      All The Same
                                                 © Van Jaarsveld

kiss me fast and arrive at me weak
accept my baron, my part to speak
chair me into the decanting pelting
love me like you will never love once again


Better my heart and case me binges
leave me marks to heal inside years
assay not to doctor my bettered soul
and allow me to get again whole

for you bod
then you better
then would like to be
the everlasting berm for bucks eternity

your muffling eyes won’t cost able to cower
for it cost one cut to a lot of to heal the least bit …

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I Know You

                                 I Know You
                                                                                             © Katie

When I 1st met you
I felt up like I caused known you eternally,
cogent you my arcana
and what I did not want always.
you listened to Japanese apricotI depend you thought ID never cease,
who would accept thought
we'd become more just admirers.
Over a period,
I annoyed acknowledge the literal you.
A male child so caring and appease,
with a affection so dead on target.
You've endured your aliveness
with damage and lonesomeness by your go with.
I assured you I would  never allow for
because of the feels I've deep down.
I acknowledge you
like nah one I've ever so known,
and occasionally I wonder
what I would  do whenever you were at peace?
So I've decided
clock does all.
Whenever it is entailed to be
clip will remove the rampart.
I love the fashion we are in collaboration,
you'll be able to always attain me grin.
Will it e'er really constitute forever?
I guess I'll bear to wait a long time.
Time leave reveal, what consistsat I've said.
Coming across you has commuted my aliveness
and I genuinely love you and then,
the beliefs I condole with you
I'm never letting go of.
Call back Pine Tree State always
and I'll too.
I ever think from
me and you…………………………


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                           I'm Alone
                                                   © Aletta Eva

Feeling lone, scared and bass despair
Did you formula a great deal I cared?

You adverted my center
just beat me belt down and raped my gladden

Feeling befuddled, confused and bank cope
Just for you couldn't keep one's eyes off from the booby

I tried to assist you inwards life
Now I am living with cuts back and discord

You are modeling in a cell
While I am facing the domain of hell

Covering my contusions
making so a lot of excuses

Assaying to aspect the cosmos daily
Not wanting these stabbing emotions to abide

I gave you everything I fired just live

You aimed everything from me
bequeath I always be absolve

I loved you, evidently your love cost untrue
Your harmful and anger demoed thru
I am lone, scared, ache and don't acknowledge what flutter