Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lovely Love Messages For My boo

BO "my beautiful love letters[Love Sms]
 You'll love in different languages
I love you in different songs
I'll make you right just not errors
I love what I say with a different tone and different languages.
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Romantic love letters say morning or good dark

Romantic love letters say morning or good dark[Love Sms]
 Love letters 1
Love never felt so good
Shot my good bad
Sad that I had, and now I'm happier in my neighbourhood
My individual mate my sweet soul
I will love you when he is bad, when it's good. More Love Sms Guide

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love letters 2

Sweet love when it is true
Love is sweeter when you and me
If you ever feel depressed and concoct you
And all my fancy
[Love Sms]
 It's good to follow in love again
All lost in you since the restoration
Never again you will be sad again
You walk in the hallway with you and we will do it yet again
[Favorite poems collection]
 It's the end
End of my desolation
It's the end
The close of my aonsiriosnis
It's the end
The cease of my search to fill the gap
He found the Prince in me to you Princess. More Love Sms Guide

Sweet love romantic messages

Sweet love romantic messages
by cute girlfriend
Love letters 1
Bordered by the sweet of your love
You're an angel sent me from heaven higher up
I will love you until the last day of eternity
Promise love will keep even on my life

Do you like the music that makes me dance
Melody that makes me sing
Addicted to you do not leave
Can't get sufficiency of you like recycling

Flavored sweet honey which you drops
A delicious ball ice cream vanilla you
Strong, determined and believers still you
I love you I don't really

Tears in my eyes roll love
I found the love that I can make my dreams come true
We never share the game with
Love you loads.More Love Message.

Friday, September 5, 2014


You concern love not by ascertaining the complete person,
But seeing someone less completely.

~ Sam keen.

In the arithmetical of love, operations
One plus one equalises everything, and
2 negative one equalizes nonentity.

~ Mignon McLaughlin.

There is a lot of hunger because love and
Satisfaction in Favourite Poems Collections this creation than for bread.

~ Mother Teresa.

Aloneness and the sensing of beingness uninvited
It is the worst.

~ Mother Teresa. More
Proverbs Of Love.

Proverbs Of Love

The taste of love
We can be very dissatisfied, but really tormented, he must love.
-L' love is hardly acceptable data.
J ' love embrace life. The full of life embrace and the death of love.
-The clandestine of felicity is childlike: be a magnet give and take care.

So, why so many people unhappy?
Because they're afeard.
-You love alone yourself and only you.
Love each other and the two of you alone.
-L' love your family and your family alone.
-L' love your nation, the only nation.
-There may be no communication, not even with yourself,

By the love of God.