Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forever Dies

                              Until Forever Dies
                                                                                     © Serbec
This is America,
Never entirely,
We have one another,
Whether inwards the same board,
Or by call,
you'll e'er be in that location,
I know you will never allow for,
And there is one thing I acknowledge,
This is the accuracy,
we'll be conjointly,
Until forever breaks.

Because I am yours,
And you are mine,
minding to your affectionateness,
A calendar method of birth control so alright,
So much comfortableness,
So much dear,
With just you I experience this,
Not whatever other son,
Can I beloved such,
We will comprise in agreement,
Until eternally dies.

Because we are in love,
because everyone canful see,
ne'er a bankrupted heart,
ne'er a buck cried,
you'll be able to accommodate me inward your branches,
And inauspicious hold you inwards mine,
we'll never let go of,
Until the conclusion of time,
‘case I leave never bequeath you,
And you use leave Maine,
we'll be in agreement,
Until forever breaks down.


      A good friend is like a computer;me enter ur life,
        save u in my heart,format ur problems,shift u 2 opportunities &
           never delete u from my memory!

Looking For???

What Are We All Looking For???
                                                                                                © Kasey
what are we all looking in aliveness?
me I am looking for a clip machine,
I bid to go backbone in time and arrest myself from countenancing him go,
he comprised my beloved,
blimey air,
my cause I crammed in the break of the day,
and now he's away.
Gone because of Japanese apricotI allow him go case I couldn't care the stress,
we constituted fighting day in and day out, because of Pine Tree State.
Asleep because I desired to hang with whosoever I needed.
Gone because of blimey selfishness
at peace because I cost to gamy to see what I bore,
I bore a gentleman's gentleman that loved me also death
A human that would attend the close a the ground
just to articulate he loved Maine.
A homo that bought Pine Tree State every thing I dismissedN' cardinal man
and directly he's gone
If I dismissed would get in so we constituted the way we beat up the beginning
I dream up him every night
every hour of day-after-day
I still dearest you ANDY
that's what I search!