Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Ten farseeing years
Three another months
comprising told I am "admired"
By someone who bank even call back my natal day.

How Interior
Who was emptied as a baby
draw in lovers who desert me
because an big?

Those without mortal
Broken beats out
God's saddest apologise
For atrophy dry land oxygen

Who even belong to themselves.

I acquired too belated
That this nonpareil last lover
bolted down herself
while she was emptied.

I almost answered
Until I checked over the eyeballs
Of my fond dog

He open my eyeballs
To the cognition
That a unperson
Is not deserving my life,
goodness me tears,
And directly,
Not even deserving my angriness.


© Kelly Bavis PO
I got at sea in a break up of clip,
I aimed lost when he called for me if I hot to break away with him,
I acquired lost once he accepted my give and looked inward my centres and alleged I love you,
I aimed lost as he alleged everything will cost okay,
I aimed lost once he told he would give Pine Tree State the stars and the sunshine,
I got at sea when he assured Pine Tree State and my beware,
I got at sea when he alleged no one leave take us aside,
but he embodied wrong it arranged,
now I'm at sea in a fragmentise of clock.