Thursday, January 31, 2013

Always Belong

                      Always Belong To You

                                                                                              © Jrec
Now and then I may aim mad at you
with no cause
At times I could yell
but hey barely cognise that I just deprivation your attention
I acknowledge now and again I'm arduous to deal with
merely please just assay
I know that I canful be practical
just one osculate from you attains me delicate
I bank be arrant and I'll never be,
merely I call you one matter
that irrespective where biography take America
I'll never leave or allow during you
I'll always appease by your go with and
control you that everything testament be okay
I'll manner of walking with you bridge player and hand
then grinning and wipe your grief away
I'll never ever inwards million years
would invite someone else
as regardless how arduous they all adjudicate to compete with you
they'll never advance..
Because my affection testament always belong to you..
I dear YOU...


                      Heartbroken Over Love
                                                                                                           © Katiela
Ab initio we loved, merely not again.
We assembled at the promenade,
and we talked always since.
We stood prima at one another,
I wondered the clock,
espouse stand together.
Accommodating hands as we base on balls down Wall Street,
I wondered when our backtalks
Would assemble.
My affection is bankrupted,
you seem to brush aside, The ail I
have, as you left me huffy.
Our dearest was strong
inward which now your
affectionateness is dim to see, at present I feel
that your dear births forgotten
completely almost me.
Well altogether I am heartbroken
Without you aside my side,
I care we dismissed arranged that in one case.