Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Dream Girls Fantasy Tattoo

Once a dream did interweave a ghost
(love poems)blimey angel-guarded go to bed,
That an pismire lost its direction
Where on dope methought I dwelt.

Troubled, wildered, and lorn,
Dark, bedimmed, travel-worn,
All over many a embroil spray,
Entirely heart-broke, I found out her enjoin:

(love poems)my kids! do they cry,
Answer they get a line their father sigh?
Forthwith they look beyond the sea to see,
Forthwith return and (love poems)weep for me.'

Condoling with, I cut down a tear:
Merely I ascertained a glow-worm all but,
Who responded, '
(love poems)What wailing Isle of Wight
Calls the security guard of the dark?

'I'm set to alight the ground,
Although the beetle blends in his
(love poems)round:
Adopt now the beetle's hum;
(love poems)wanderer, hotfoot thee domicile!