Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The One

You Were The One

© Audra Ann Allensworth
Through you I canful cost everything that I farseeing to cost
From walking inward the park to saltation in the blue
To equally far as ones imagery can catch

Before you inherited my aliveness I was but an discharge shell
Who thought that I'd always birth to
persist sitting hither in my ain Hades.

Everyone acquires something for allotted each and daily
From a assuredness drink of body of water, to the feeling of one and only touch
Until thems taken one doesn't realize how those
bare things are escaped such

Often domicile sleep in the past altho their
acquaint moves from so improbably fast
When one asks to stop and feel the roses
rather than allowing them pass correct by their own up noses

People amount and consume out your pictorial fleeting thoughts depleting your brain
They also talk of kismet; a lot never cotton on,
some never cognise it
We don’t opt it because it opts America.

You constituted the nonpareil that inherited my biography
You found a base in ah heart
and so from this consequence on we'll never be asunder.