Friday, September 5, 2014


You concern love not by ascertaining the complete person,
But seeing someone less completely.

~ Sam keen.

In the arithmetical of love, operations
One plus one equalises everything, and
2 negative one equalizes nonentity.

~ Mignon McLaughlin.

There is a lot of hunger because love and
Satisfaction in Favourite Poems Collections this creation than for bread.

~ Mother Teresa.

Aloneness and the sensing of beingness uninvited
It is the worst.

~ Mother Teresa. More
Proverbs Of Love.

Proverbs Of Love

The taste of love
We can be very dissatisfied, but really tormented, he must love.
-L' love is hardly acceptable data.
J ' love embrace life. The full of life embrace and the death of love.
-The clandestine of felicity is childlike: be a magnet give and take care.

So, why so many people unhappy?
Because they're afeard.
-You love alone yourself and only you.
Love each other and the two of you alone.
-L' love your family and your family alone.
-L' love your nation, the only nation.
-There may be no communication, not even with yourself,

By the love of God.