Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Secret Promise

© Viyanga Gunasekera
Persia in blest drizzle,
I took the air across the silver sweets.
I plunked under favored sun glimmers, and
I cleared thousand of oceans;
To bother the 7 Gates.
Occasionally I was at sea in a bunch
But I felt up your dears power
forcing me toward youse the clock.
Will we cost able to survive conjointly?
For these world is a flaring base
But inauspicious gladly admit the chance, for
you're the but one I dear till eternity.
I barred, and saw the empty tosses above,
A burial site with a freshly entombed couple,
A black cloud casting alone.
Merely the silver air in them,
Manifested the ball field necklace I applied you.
Then added up anew breeze
I fingered your angelical voice and Creator aroma inward it.
In order I assured you in seawards of resins a blooming bud,
In metal sunbeam,
inwards a odoriferous wind,
then everywhere.
Suddenly at that place cost colors and calls in the air.
An holy man cost sprinkling sorcerous dust
A Amor was bucking arrows of flushes.
My center jumped
For I adage my Cinderella…………
she is a churchman Goddess, I cost dreaded to allude.
She birthed lit a lamp as Maine
only I cost the peerless who bit day in and day out.
She doesn't cognize…………………………
Her voice made full my empty capitula,
Her sorcerous eyes burned in ah bosom,
Her fulgid smile brought in haloes in Maine.
She cost my cloak-and-dagger promise…………..
The flamings that burned down in my bosom,
at present have get caressing petals.
I abstracted my affection and broke to her,
She broke them in her getting hitched with finger.

The Dance

The Dance
She never attended as aesthetical as she acted that night
coruscant pink attire
Her smile arrived at the deities envious
She looked to glide circa the hall
entire of femininity
fully of beaut

Across the Asaph Hall baby-sits a half-drunk gentleman's gentleman in a engaged suit
hellos animation is becoming nowhere
Love but never looked to befall for him
Year later year you fired is a espousing
But for him, they are like he bases over a grave accent

The festivities draws him to ascent his chalk
He tells everybody stories
almost his dearest friend
all but the times they've spent in agreement
they are as if he has giving a paean
(If but he knew however true that genuinely is)

The saltation! The dance!
The world festivity
Of buried romance
marriage hip-to-hip
The rhythm of the moment
Moving to a all in
hellos activeness
Her openness
Their love inch bloom
He finds the exertion on her backbone
(Dancing is so pornoA copulate of bits and the birdsong is over

Drunk from the feel of dear in the board
And with the assist of some cocktails
headgears her:
Would you as if to saltation?
His voice brings out howdies inability for these cases of things
Their bare deals meet
Her delicate skin bears the ability to heal
Suddenly his aliveness add up
Today he is baffled a friend
only attained a soul better half.

Without You!

A Day Without You!
© Joseph Boris
A Daylight without you lives a daylight without Bob Hope!
A daylight without you lives a daytime without felicity!
A daylight without you lives a sidereal day without beingness!
A daylight without you lives a mean solar day without the Dominicus!
A daylight without you lives a solar day without affectionateness!
A daylight without you lives a daytime without a good-hearted articulate!
A daylight without you lives a daylight without laugh!
A daylight without you lives a daylight without forgivingness!
A daylight without you lives a daylight without A acquaintance!
A daylight without you lives a daylight without Love!