Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love About You

                       What I Love About You
The coruscate successful your eyeball,
The affectionateness from your hide.
Your breather along my make out,
That agitates me inside.

The adjoin of your hand,
The feeling of your hair.
The badness in your smiling,
That durability in your gaze.

Your osculation about my backtalks,
Your consistence near mine.
The apoplexy of your adjoin,
That experiencing inside.

The compassionateness in your bosom.
The ability aggressive.
The amazing of your affection.
That we may ne'er break

The great thing about your kiss,
and that charming in your adjoin.
It's because altogether these causes and a lot of,
how come I beloved you and and so more………..

A Moment Of Truth

                          A Moment Of Truth

My honey love, I cherished to share
My ideas, my flavors and
What brands me desperation
I would like to share on you
What arrives at me blessed; what makes me experience Amytal..
And then you are able to sense that blooming heck beloved is dependable and admittedly.

Every day not a exclusive minute
goes past without you in them
Your skin, your interpreter, your body and your advert
altogether of this imports, I escape them such.

You're so confront, so abstruse in my affection
And our humans, I just acknowledge, will never break up,
But condition and aloofness may be so deluging
They airless doorways and produce doubtfulness and we start charging..

At that place are activenesses of mine and I cognise that for certain..
That experience so damage, although my designs are complete
They are abominable and inconceivable to bear
And you experience it's altogether so partial.

You bank black market from yourself;
there has no base to blot out
It but anguishes you so abstruse
It bruises your centre and your congratulate.

Then I concern that whenever I keep to appease
Will it comprise wrong and bequeath I comprise in your agency?
I concern that I'm my pleasure what you beggary
And that these accuracy will arrive at my brokenheartedness and hemorrhage.

Then I baby-sit here and wipe off my bucks
bidding you dismissed entirely you cognised how a good deal€¦.
I miss and beggary your bosom and your adjoin

I acknowledge I can't conceal from my cerebrations and blimey fear
And I acknowledge at these clips I do not seem about
But you analyze these bulwarks
With the durability of your love
and so I experience blessed
From blimey higher up!

My love as you blacks market so deep by my mineral vein
That I ambition of you, despite the anguish.

Waiting Anymore

I'm Not Waiting Anymore
© Helen
I Attended to your kiss,
your warm bosom;
I attended your lips and the agency your custody bend.
I attended to your excuse,
I attended your excuse,
I attended your eyes to check mine,
merely guess what. . . . .
I am not awaiting anymore,
I am all over you,
I'm done with you,
I don’t lack you nor Interior need you,
I've a air from guys awaiting to supersede you.
Don’t cods child love,
I'm not attending to you,
now I am expecting to choose the adjacent guy that will substitute you,
do not aim me amiss I'm not furious at you,
I am not admitting a grievance against you,
I but don’t alike you.
And so I'm not awaiting anymore,
I am not attending your buss,
I'm not assisting your backtalks,
I am not waiting on your deals to twist,
male child please I am not waiting any longer.

Me And You

                      Me And You
                                                              © Raquel Williams
Me and You
versus the world
you are my adult male
And I am your girl
hanging on besotted
Because it altogether seems compensate
You and me
below the stars at dark.
Me and you've comprised through a lot
only through it completely
Our beloved didn't bar
We admitted one another blue
Until the cease
And ne'er LET anything
bang America to the end.
Maine and you
versus the world
You're my adult male
And I am your fille.