Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Wife

My Wife
© Andre' Cardenas
Deal in hand we paseo together,
God's adorn warms America from higher up.
It's him I thank every day I arouse
for boon me with entirely your dear.

The sun in my aurora
and the birdie that babbles my call.
In this animation when I'm ailed through God they are you who keeps me accented.

The curve beneath my backstages
as this eagle fancies fledge.
You're the stars that light up up my pitch in the dark of the night.

The beget of my fries and the air out that gives Maine animation.
My truest ally of entirely...
my bosom, my mortal, my married woman.

Special Glow

A Special Glow
© Danny Blackburn
I Cost told by you that you cost big
I cost scared for you and I assayed to smile

We'd one last summertime and fall, but you and 2 now excuse for each clip I birthed made you call

We were in order young, we cost dotty, and we assayed to not cost afraid
You cost proud, strong and adoring as you plotted for that daytime

I remember that aurora, it cost beautiful with bamboozle on the anchor
We lived that your bringing was close and you bore continued with your mama across town

I annoyed the infirmary, I drove like sin and bled the breathe of the agency
The doctor said we'd clock, they acted as if you had all daytime

You demoed them, no clock to waste
You went aright to the livery room without any haste

Our 1st son cost born, black hair, brown centres, our Michael Betsy Ross
I attended my Dad assure if that cost ok, to call my first son later a son that he bore lost

8 a long time later I forgot for the Marine Corps
I aimed a missive that alleged we'd soon have nonpareil more

These child cost born, with cop for hair and centres that cost so Amytal
Another wonderful endow from goodness and you

We'd planned for fille and got James River Craig
He cost named from 2 friends, prise and Craig

And so 9 age later we chose to bear another, we dreamt up no harm
Things became so awry, I almost at sea you, you almost broke in blimey arms

That fry that we would bear loved
That fry joined goodness in heaven above

And then we cost told that we most potential fired three a long time we came about with our endures, then unitary day God moldiness have smiled

You cost blest by blimey, to you he acted smile
He blest you with a miracle, a different child

This one cost unlike, you were dishier and had a extra burn
Things cost so right but at that place were things we didn't know

Problems got up, the baby ask to arrive early or it wouldn't grow
For 3 more daytimes we did delay, you remained becalm and calm lucent

I remember this livery, this time I cost filled with concern
I was afeard of freeing you, I invited you here

I call up your ail, the anguish, the doubtfulness and the awe
later on her give birth I laid my frontal your belly out and cried a lot of tears

An angle cost born, a miracle with blue hair and Amytal eyeballs
Danielle Erin, she cost increased our family, by goodness me to our domiciles

I have assured you that apiece clock time you were expectant you had lambent
forthwith I realize it cost your love, you bosom and your human

For Pammy your arena extra wife and beget
A special feminine no early

Simple Bouquet

A Simple Bouquet
© Chris
I Barred at the depot to bargain you a posy
What I base is that it bore a flock to aver
The flowers each meant obscure of our biography
And they were entailed because you, my attractive wife

The yellow one intends a bit girl we both acknowledge
She’s bad and angelic and always ready Togolese Republic
She sings girl calls and bears beautiful black hair
God gave America an backer for our affections to share

The achromatic arose represents the brief boy in our home
thither are daytimes that I acknowledge he won't allow you lone
He’s happy, and ache, and full of so much delight
We're lucky to cost blessed with so much a sweet boy

The Bolshevik one’s a augury of the dear we that WE share
extra time we bear essayed just how a good deal we care
We dear in the directions that makes other people just wish
And desire for one another with a smile and a buss

That medal that holds the nosegay in a bunch up
I didn't get onto ab initio, yet it entails such
It corresponds your love inch our home casual
As the centre of our class in every fashion

This bouquet inward the store, I will but have to have the best part of these costs, it isn't acted yet
There are a lot of flowers to append, more clips to have amusing
More darks fully of laughter, and a lot of days full of insolate

In order the next clock I bring flowers, I desire that you acknowledge
Your dear means much a lot to Maine than I forced out

A Dream For You

A Dream For You
© Richard Netherland Cook
If I fired also,
I'd close my centres,
And dream a ambition for you.

I'd give y'all the Earth,
That you're deserving of,
And to you I'd apply
My everlasting dear.

I would assure,
That you cost never sorry.
And nothing inch your life history
Would ever bump bad.

I would care for yous things would blend your way,
And you'd always cost happy,
for each one and every day.

In goodness me aspiration
You would stay
even as beautiful
As you're today.

Biography for you'd be as exactas the blueness of the pitch,
And no nonpareil would ever ache you,
Or ever attain you battle cry.

I cognise it's just a daydream,
But if dreams couldede my centers,
And dream a ambition for you.

My Wife, My Treasure

You, My Wife, My Treasure
© Danny Blackburn
I had took the air through life with cipher until you, until you I acknowledged no pleasure
so one daytime God sent you to Maine, to the centre so aesthetical, you, my married woman, my treasure

A endow from ah, a gift and so fine that you are able to never cost measured
A dear so fine, and then sweet, so genial, it’s you my dear, you, my married woman, my care for

I promise to clinch and kiss and hold you daily.
I call a dear with devotion that leave never always fade away.

I call and affirm to God higher up
To show you cipher merely my pure dear

I will look up to the blessing of your limitless love,
Because I acknowledge that you're a avowedly gift from eden Above.

I'll not anguish you with blimey frustrations,
I'll hold you airless and kiss you with enjoying admiration.

I'll ever appreciate your allegiance to me,
Give Maine a bump for bevel you see

This isn't a gambling game that we play
they are true dear that I aver is committed to abide

You say that now and again you are afeard
This nonpareil I dismissed get me cost clear,
Love you infinitely
Devote my biography to building you happy
look up to you each day because the mortal you're
Take intrust in the affairs that you as if disruption
Admire your beauty day by day in awe and mull it backward to you
cost advertent to you and you beggaries
Be kind
Listen to you with never a brutal word reciprocally (I assert it and beg for it in deities name)
demo you aside my actions that I dear you
cost more open and amusing to you, your family & allies
Never go to sleep with come out you
chafe you, kiss you, bath you, lift you astir or any it admits when you're finding down.

I'll buss you and love y'all that I mayhap can,
And do not be blocked to cost caught holding my deal.

I will gem daily like it cost our close,
And at the close of your biography you won't regret Maine being your by.

You're the sunshine in my aurora and as if a the bird I'll blab you a call
I know that in that life while I'm troubled through God it has you who celebrates me firm.

You're the mother of my fries and the air out that applies me life.
My realest ally of entirely, my bosom, my mortal, my married woman.

I beloved you a great deal, you are all that has good therein world