Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Commend To You

I Commend To You (A Sonnet)
© Richard Deets

Beloved, myself to you this velvety rose remember,
Inch which an exemplar of yourself I tend.
However easily within your handle its farsighted stem rests,
And then just your green eyes my sight nests.
To admit this goddess of mystique is biography,
An advert for you is a lot truer, my married woman.
The scent cuts in air out, the coloring is true,
Four true, as yet how a lot more extra are you.
The petal clear, your gives need not drudge,
Your faith in America is truer free spoil.
You'll deem these dear equally from me you've it;
Your believe is better, because you afford it.
This came up equally exact as I kiss forced out exalted heart does ring.
But this as entirely aspects disrobes enamored sight,
Whereas you, my married woman, outdo in each upright.

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