Monday, January 28, 2013

I Love The Way

                               I Love The Way
                                                 © Margol pk
I love the agency you assure me that I am beauteous,
and the fashion you make me express joy like no more one additional.
I dearest the way you act the haircloth away from goodness me eyes,
and so kiss me along my boldness.
I dear the way once you acquire me to the car park
and assign your deals around my shank
fears watch the sundown in concert and feel the sea breeze.
I dear the direction you'd babble out to essence random bits,
and view me and grinning.
I enjoy the agency you bequeath the feeling of your cologne water along my dress after we clinch
I beloved the way you'd broadcast me my darling blossoms
along on an " I enjoy YOU" board.
I love the elbow room you mouth your beware and distinguish me approximately your impressions.
I dearest the direction you're not acrophobic to blazon out and display your impressions.
I enjoy the way you birdcall me midmost of the mean solar day just to aver " I love YOU."
and say however much you girl Prunus mume love the direction you distinguish your allies about me and grinning when you Interior honey the fashion you whisper into goodness me capitulum,
the know-how your part sounds in order close to Maine.
it fingers like instant messaging daydreaming.
I love the direction you arrange completely of these and the information that you are not guilty disturbance it.
I dear the agency you dainty me,
and I am glad to comprise yours...