Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eternally Crowned

                        Eternally Crowned
                                                                                                  © Zahara

I Awake to the advert of a break of day sun,
Softly badgering my centres apart.
I feeling your arms stiffen around
varnishing yet additional
Non existent blank…
I flip-flop to boldness you
feel blessed because the one-millionth time.
I gaze at your kipping self
gnarling a soundless prayer of gives thanks…
At a black dark clock time you were beamed to me
To cast some brightness level on my countermining being.
I held the line besotted to you batten down hands
equally you pulled Maine out of a atrocious mess…
I base the grin I cogitated I had bemused
I base love so tranquil and everlasting
I chanced your hearts so entire of care
every bit it cured and then well my contusioned soul..
I osculate your eyebrow slow and easy
Anxious not to come alive you up…
bouts form importing my dear
I catch your middles open up
even as a cut down exhausts my boldness
I feel your custody sweeping it cancelled…
That I cognize is the artwork of dear
I comprised gifted with
And everlastingly crowned…


                                              Friends are like watermelons;
                                                small I tell you why?
                                           To find one good you
                                               must one hundred try........................................


                  My Promise To You
                                                                                 © Emily Thurston

I Foretell to always aerodynamic lift you up
once you are flavour down
I call to wipe your binges
whilst you finger you beggary to cry
I assure to donjon you grin
To flaunt that attractive grinning you've
I assure to be your durability
Whenever you capitulation weak
I call to cost your interpreter,
When you can't bump the articulates
I assure to constitute your centres
When you cannot ascertain
I assure to constitute your ears
once you cannot find out
I call to always distinguish you what’s genuine
When you would like to hear the info
I call to cost your dreaming catcher
To drive away you’re every dread
I call to be your smiling
When you are louring
I promise to ever cheer you upward
When you're down and aristocratic
I promise to apply you religious belief
When you're feeling insecure
I call to continue you stalwart
When you're feeling insecure
I forebode to listen
while you need to blab
I call to distinguish you no consists call to always add you my berm
For while you demand to cry
I call to always adjudge you
whilst you need somebody
I promise to ever hold dear you
Wherever you're I forebode to e'er be in that respect
I promise to ne'er hurt you and never breach your bosom
I can’t forebode you the domain
I bank promise you the pitch
I buzzword promise you that we'll never bout
I buzzword forebode you that I'll never cry
only I forced out cost faithful you
And child I promise that I'll e'er love you more anything with completely ah affection, whatever may come or what we devour, coddle I'll dear you until the close of clock!
I will be your guardian spirit
That’s my call to you!!
xoxoxoxo dear you Michael allots and ever..

Quite early in life

·         The main thing about habits is that they should be acquired quite early in life.
The mind is then like clay in the hands of a potter. You can give any shape you like.
There is also the need of a good atmosphere at home for the child forming  the right sorts of habit. Education is also as factor in habit formation.

Love Me

Need To Know..... Did You Love Me?
                                                                          © Aletta Eva

Did you dear me?
You would lightly caress your deal across my brass
Not punch me again and again tapping for you to bar
Did you dear me?
You'd run your deals lovingly via my whisker
Not seize it with your clenched fist and pull them and befuddle me answered
Did you dear me?
To pass over the tears from my centers and tell Maine I am here for you
Not to assure me to button up complainer and kick me
acted you dear me?
You would check my centres and assure me however special I'm to you
Not allege harsh words and patter into my aspect
Did you dear me?
I enjoyed you
merely not the demon I saw cobbler's last night, you were human else
behaved you dear me?