Friday, January 18, 2013

Love Hurts

                         Love Hurts
                                                                           © Sheyna
He pulls my whisker
He smacks my aspect
He befuddles me along the floor
He clogs me

I patter blood away of my backtalk
Everything hurts
& altogether I dynamical is blazon out

I made him brainsick
Sirius is what he acts
I care I acknowledged his reason how come

He says he's bad
He snaffles me and tries to hold me
just I push aside.
That makes him crazier

I ascertain a clenched fist coming towards me
So I dodge n belly laugh for aid.
He charades and allows me in this pain.

I do not know what disruption any longer, except blazon out.
I want to comprise happy...
To dear....
To be cared for like a human.

I feeling so entirely
My life accepted been shattered along a choleric man once more.
Who couldedd?
I but need to ascertain how to beloved me and brass my awes.


                            GIRL’S COMMENT

          To search beauty,
         Seeee a girl’s eyes
         To feel love,
        Kissss her lips,
      To experience passion hug her tight,
      To feel pleasure,
      Take her to bed
      To see a donkey
     Watch a mirror!!!!!!!!!!
      Ho gay!!!!!!!!!!


                          In My Dreams
                                                                  © Sheyna Heart
Despite my wellness,
You chose not to address me;
barely to know whenever I was all right.

When I stared at myself,
dormancy helplessly in a good deal pain,
I inquired where your dear, care and abide were.

Goodness me centres kept starring fixedly about my mobile phone,
Thinking that them would anchor ring,
And I would discover your bringing around voice.

Cascades of tears commenced to flood from ah red eyes
Onto ah white pillows,
till they cost all besotted.

My mind cowered on something identical extra,
Something that ever became my affection around,
just cypher coulded burning affection.

And so I thought apace,
That it’s only if days are black,
That friends are all of the time few.

My affection never barred pounding the all night;
Until God accepted clemency on me,
And miraculously placed me to balance


Debauchery Sundays

The night revealed
The morning Dominicus
there's nowhere
to cover
No dwells breaches
the truth cost told
Another lidless night
Another saltation
in Devil arms

Blew and wounded
inward your branches
I heal
inward your eyes
I experience

Clock time stops
equally the hours go along

Then blows over
different sunday
blasted away

It had better be
them ought be
Yet them feels
so adept
It flavours
so right
What can I answer?
You brand drunken revelry
look and so damn beneficial