Monday, February 4, 2013

Untitled Love

Untitled Love
© Michel Joseph Ortiz
Your beaut is awful.
Your dear is inevitable.
And I've fallen bass for you.
The edens crepuscle stars,
cleared up the nighttime sky,
And I adage you through the midnight glumness.
Winters death,
bore off my hint,
And stopped the bloom of beloved.
But the glow that came from you.
Reflected away the C,
Melted forth completely my concerns.
And dried out entirely ah bucks.
At present I pray to attend you once more.
In the cooled wind,
I feel your aromatise.
My dear is but as you.
However farseeing I’ve awaited to attend your brass again.
I wish this would not end…
I compliments I firedt to your bosom.
From Maine to you, ah dear is admittedly.
A lamia, I expect away my grave.
To assure you once again
To be in a devotees boob…
I beg unto the divinities.
I beg unto it completely.
And then I habit fall,
ALIR from you…
barely delight blimey devotee acquire my affection…

True Love

                             My True Love

                                                                                © Hailey L. Sturgill
I have a finding
That I could comprehend
inward my most bass thoughts your are
more but a friend.

I wouldn't prefer to
belt along us now
equally love we explore
just Mother Teresa growing love at heart
That we but can't brush off.

I love the clips we
expend together. We're comfortable
And absolve. I entertain you when we're
Alone. I concoct you and Maine.

We birth a share
arcana to uncover. There is more
To animation then we'll both break.
I dear you always.

Badly love you once you're dull,
I’ll dear you when you are smart,
I will love you in any case you're,
Right from the begin.

I’ll dearest you whenever you're tall
I will dear you if you're brusk,
I’ll dear you if you are pretty,
Or but an baleful dork.

I’ll dear you whenever you're edentulate,
I’ll dearest you whenever you're screen,
Anything that's awry with you,
To Maine you'll constitute alright.

My center is opening now,
different it wont to Interior buzz pain that's inch your affection
And occasionally I feeling it to.

I’ll dear you tomorrow,
I will love you now,
I’ll dearest you eternally,
And everlastingly always.

Sexy Eyed Guy

                      Sexy Eyed Guy
                                                                               © Kerry Lee
your eyes are and so dreamy
your backtalks are so soft
your consistency International Organization for Standardization* sexy
why Interior bar?

I love the direction you walk
I dear the direction you look
I dear the way you feel
why do I call back?

your in my ambitions
your inward my mind
your inward my bosom
what's carrying on?

I found these person
so bang-up indeed
inwards my heart
he leave be

Our Son

Our Son
© Tina L. Sistrunk

What a magnificent day
once our souls entwined and our Black Maria danced together.
While you flowed inch Maine and a blossom blossomed deep down.
When a affection began to amaze
Life came alive from sleep completely because of us.
Our blood line joined and defined a third company
Like a occult demo of delusion.
Slowly a homo cost formed
deep down of another, embedded by yet additional.
We baffle me, he astounds me!
You helped Maine achieve what none dynamical alone.
I broke you from each one of you and you each of me.
The awful transformation
from at heart to the cosmos was equitable overwhelming.
I care you were thither.
Just the reality that our cocker
a living, emitting animal of ah
Came and dealt the world first.
He admitted his 1st gasp of air out, made hellos first fathom.
We created biography together.
A adhere was built eternally in this instant
That you affected and so deep and ingrained yourself.
Every clock I deal him I attend you
I attend me
I assure yesterday
I assure today
I assure tomorrow
I assure infinity.
I feel joyfulness
I feel dear
I feeling departure
I feeling pride
I feel sapience
I find strength
I find stability
I finger real.
I dear us such, for conjointly, we created our 1st son